InNatura (Braintainment Committee)

Learning new things doesn't have to be boring. That's something InNatura, as the Braintainment Committee of GLV Idun, likes to show you. Each year, we search for new, informative and fun activities to make your time as a student more interesting and amusing! We always have a great variety of activities: from watching the stars to a course in sign language, a tour around the central animal facility in the University Medical Center Groningen and even a visit to the lovely seals at Seal Centre Pieterburen. Enough to do as you can see!

Keep an eye out for our activities on the Idunsite or on our Facebook page InNa Tura to make sure you don’t miss a thing. We hope to see you at our activities!

Let your brain be entertained.


​The Braintainment Committee


InNatura 2019-2020

Micha-Ella Fagon (2015) Chairman
Merith Bosman (2016) Secretary & Treasurer
Iris Nijmeijer (2018) Interim PR-functionary
Zaki Lakhpatwala (2018) General member
Sophie Amaral (2018) General member
Elif Ezgi Inan (2019) General member
Medeea Anton (2019) General member