Theatre Productions

2018-2019: 'Een Soort van Romeo en Julia'

Written by: Jan van Hulst and Kasper Tarenskeen
Directed by: Jelle Buning

“He is everything. How can you feel like this and don’t die? He is everything and that is such a lot. When I think about him, I become both soft and scary. It’s like I’m looking at a lamb with a snake’s head. And that making me horny,” said Juliet.
“I met a girl. And I’m becoming totally crazy, I believe. Her eyes speak. Which is fucking weird for real, but poetic to say,” said Romeo.

2017-2018: 'Lord of the Flies'

Written by: William Golding
Directed by: Dio van Velden

A group of students is stranded on a deserted island. Who knows whether they'll be rescued? It's the perfect opportunity to start their own mini society. Without cocky behaviour, without fights, without war. Without discrimination, isolation, alienation or deportation. Without crime, without theft, and most importantly without murder. Far away from the miserable, messed-up grown-up world. A chance anyone would grab and make the most of, instantly. Years later, they meet again...

2016-2017: 'Diplodocus Deks' 

Written by: Tom Lanoye
Directed by: Jurgen van Tolie 

The archeological find of Diplodocuses - herbivorous dinosaurs - by amateur archaeologist Dex has a rural community shaken to the core. A real estate developer proposes to build a Dino Theme Park at the site of discovery. The identity of the village and its citizens is then under a significant amount of pressure, with disastrous consequences. Diplodocus Deks (2004) is written by Tom Lanoye from back to forth. It starts at the eccentric, explosive end and brings us  back to the beginning when everything was smooth sailing. Using razor sharp wit, humankind's internal stride between altruistic solidarity and egoistic greed is exposed.

Diplodocus Deks was nominated for a Cardozo award: best actress (Romy Krikke). Sadly this did not turn into an award.

2015-2016: 'Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street'

Written by: Brian J. Burton
Directed by: Jurgen van Tolie

Sweeney Todd with his demonic mastermind has, in collaboration with Mrs. Lovett, introduced the people of London to cannibalism – hopefully without them knowing so. And that by way of meat pies, a delicious treat in Victorian London. You know, those pastries filled with ragout, often found in the holiday package your parents are supplied with every year. The meat was expensive and rare, yet Mrs Lovett's meat pies were cheap – and outstanding in taste. Booming business.
Sweeney Todd is a man, shunned by his peers, who chases after wealth and power. He would, without hesitation, slice someone up if it meant getting his bloody claws on their pearl necklace. Get in his way and he grabs his razor to shave you smoother than smooth. That is how he gathers the human flesh that is processed in Mrs. Lovett's meat pies: a win-win situation. Can London escape his shocking regime? Bon appétit!

Sweeney Todd was nominated for 4 Cardozo awards: best director, best actor, best actress and best play. One nomination turned into an award: Romy Krikke went home with the award for best actress!

2014-2015: ‘Risjaar Modderfokker den Derde

Risjaar Modderfokker the third

Script: Tom de Lanoye
Director: Rosaline de Vries & Bart Timmermans

“There is trouble in England. The rebelling York family has set their eyes on the crown of the royal Lancaster family. Words neither weapons are spared and demand losses on both families. In the middle of this chaos one man waits for his change to put faith in this hand: Risjaar.” Don’t miss this modern, but just as bloody version of Shakespeare’s kings plays.

Risjaar Modderfokker the third was very succesfull on the yearly Cardozo awards. It was nominated in three categories: best actor (Luc van Schie), best supporting actor (Karl van Stiphout) and best design. The awards for best supporting actor and best design were actually won.

2013-2014: ‘Lang & Gelukkig’ 

Happily ever after

Script: Don Duyns
Director: Rosaline de Vries

This year we go to fairy land. Hilarious moments, insanely hot women (played by men) and a little off tone singing, you cannot miss this! “There once were a stepmother without a bosom, a rich baron, his daughter Cinderella and the two mean stepsisters Paris and Hilton. Besides there were Little Red Ridinghood, a vegetarian wolf, a prince, a servant, a homosexual butler and two female hunters.They all come together in this play. The big question is: do they live happily ever after? “Happily ever after was nominated for Cardozo awards, unfortunately these nominations did not turn into awards.

2012-2013: ‘Alle patiënten keken Lotte 

verwonderd aan’ 

All patients looked at Lotte with astonishment

Script: Botho Strauss
Regie: Joke Holwerda

Lotte does not really fit in. Just abandoned by her man, she yearns for authenticity, beauty and contact. The people she passionately keeps close, consequently get rid of her. It’s like they smell Lotte’s loneliness from a long distance.Lotte is smart, pretty and original. She is looking for beauty in language and tries to build a bridge to others. Formal language she transforms to a passionate love letter. Does she actually long for contact? Or is a life with language alone enough. Or is it fear? Is Lotte sincere when she finally concludes: ‘There is nothing wrong with me’?All patients looked at Lotte with astonishment was a big success. Besides evenings being sold out, the play was nominated for four Cardozo awards: best actress (Karlijn Doornspleet), best design, best initiative and best play. Three of those were actually won (actress, desing and initiative).

2011-2012: ‘Don Juan’

Script: Molière
Director: Yvonne van Ginneken

“With the goodbye he turned around once more. ‘More beautiful than this it will never be’ he said. He smiled, jumped out of the window and walked away.” In this revision of the classical play of Molière we are looking for Don Juan. Every man want to be Don Juan, every woman wants to meet him – but also not. Wherever he appears, he creates commotion and confusion. The feelings he evokes – passion and devotion with the women and hatred with the men – are of unknown intensity and disturb the unstable balance of human relations.The story of Don Juan has been told many times before. People look differently at the figure of Don Juan every time. He used to be disapproved on moral grounds, nowadays we are almost jealous on his amoral lifestyle. He is the model for the modern anti-hero: not the savior of the oppressed and the threatened noble woman, but the individualist who dares to do what others only dream of. In his desire for delight he does not avoid any challenge…

2010-2011: ‘Apocalypso’

Written by: Jibbe Willems
Directed by: Yvonne van Ginneken

Judgment day is approaching. Junks, hookers, pimps and paupers are standing by, idle. All eyes are on Jesse, their last hope for salvation. But how do you save mankind when no one likes the taste of redemption?

2009-2010: ‘Macbeth, a prophecy of glory and 


Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Miranda Laanstra

Macbeth is known as the shortest, yet bloodiest tragedy written by Shakespeare. Although this version is more like a farce, it is just as bloody. There is quite some superstition associated with the play Macbeth; those who mention the name Macbeth in a theatre sentence themselves to bad luck. Luckily, this can be prevented by leaving the theatre and, before reentering, executing a ritual.After receiving word of a certain prophecy, Macbeth becomes a firm believer of witchcraft. He must become king straight away, he insists. Duncan and many others cannot avoid getting tied up in Macbeth's shenanigans. Provoked and encouraged by his wife, Macbeth performs crime after crime. Never before had England had such a suspicious, fearful king. Slowly but surely, Macbeth and his wife lose their grip on reality and are sucked into the vortex of misery and adversity. Macbeth guides you to a world filled with distrust, conspiracies, madmen, witchcraft, and murderous thoughts. Do you dare to laugh on moments it is all but appropriate? Bloody. Gruesome. Embarrassing.

2008-2009: ‘Juliet befalls Romeo’

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Miranda Laanstra

This play is a fresh rendition of Shakespeare's well-known tale of Romeo and Juliet. Characters have been turned into caricatures, situations have gained amusing circumstances. It is bound to be fun, right?The clash between the Montecchi and the Capuletti persists, as ever. This is a great nuisance to the king, who is burdened with keeping the peace. And then Romeo, a Montecchi, falls in love with Juliet, a Capulet. Their love is not understood, and it is kept a secret. People lose their lives, Juliet is forced to marry a man she does not love. Will Romeo and Juliet be reunited? What does fate have in store for them? Only time can tell...

2007-2008: ‘Ill-mannered’

Written by: William Shakespeare
Edited by: Bart Moeyaert
Directed by: Adiene Barelds

King Lear is old and tired. He is planning on dividing his empire, and there are rumors going around about who will be among the lucky ones. Lear’s three daughters think that their father’s best friend, Kent, will get the entire inheritance. That must be prevented at all costs. An ill-mannered accident will get Kent out of the way. But this is not the only conspiracy that is being forged. People are scheming, banding together or turning on each other. No one can be trusted. What will be their destiny? ‘Ill-mannered’ is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ by Bart Moeyaert.

2006-2007: ‘Above the valley’

Written by: Moniek Kramer
Directed by: Adiene Barelds

High above the ‘normal,’ hectic, everyday world and the great nothing is a station: Above the valley. Those who arrive there, will never leave. At least... not by taking the road downward. Being ill is a phase of resting, a break. A stop in the route known as life. In an attempt to get more grip on their life, the patients go all out when celebrating the ‘first evening of the month.’ For some, that evening will be their last.