The goals of idiomotor are mainly focussed on improvement: improvement of artistic, musical, and acting qualities of the life sciences students; improvement of directing qualities of the director; improvement of the interest for and knowledge of  theater, music and art within the life science faculty in Groningen; improvement of the functioning of the committee on a professional level. Idiomotor tries to reach her goals by organizing a broad spectrum of activities every year, among which the acting classes, an open stage, a theatrical play, etc.

Goals specifically for the theatrical play:

  • Give students of the faculty of life sciences the opportunity to become acquainted with theater and to explore and develop their own acting qualities
  • Build up a collaboration between a director and a group of actors, that functions well both professionally as artistically
  • Enlarge the professional and artistic qualities of Idiomotor
  • Every year realize a theatrical production of high quality with a group of actors from different backgrounds and with different levels of experience 
  • Boost the interest for theater within the faculty of life sciences by attracting a large audience, both as participants of the activities as well as audience at the performances
  • Enlarge the reputation of Idiomotor outside the faculty of life sciences, among other via participating in the yearly Cardozo awards show

Improvement of the acting qualities of the actors is aimed at:

  • Improvement of communication and social skills by creating consciousness about use of the voice and body language
  • Improvement of the social skills by collaborating in a group
  • Building up a character using improvisation, analysis of the text and emotional memory
  • Gaining consciousness about own stereotypic  habits
  • Enlargement of the acting qualities by breaking barriers that allow fully devoted acting 
  • Portray a realistic character with its own background and habits