Below you see an overview of all activities Idiomotor. This are all our yearly activities, but most years we also organize one or two new.

Jam session

Every year, when it gets colder outside and the days are shorter, every Idun member knows what is coming up soon: The Open Jam session. Perhaps you have seen one of our posters or heard a Idun member talking praise about it. To shed some light in the darkness of your unknowing here is a short summary what it is all about;The Jamsession is the moment to release all the musical creativity you have clogged inside of you. It is not required to have any experience at all with any instrument, in fact, most people present are very keen on learning you the way around most of the available instruments. It is not a activity prompted on playing only covers, but there is also lots and lots of room for improvisation, in the varying styles of rock, blues jazz and whatnot.We of idiomotor will take care of the basic needs e.g. drumkit, amplifiers and some guitars. But please feel free to grab your own instruments and bring them along, the more the messier!But it is not only for the musicians, it is also a night with great ambiance, and enough people come just for the music, for a little singalong, sitting down and relaxing with a beer or even some come to dance, everything is allowed.

Acting Course

Round half of October, when the first leaves drop from their trees, the acting course or ‘Toneelcursus’ commences. This course consists of around 6 lessons guided by a professional director. In this course you’ll learn all the basics of acting. You’ll practice emotion, improvisation, characters, characterizing and play short scenario’s in front of a small audience (your fellow coursemembers, probably).This course is meant to learn acting, so experience is not required, however some knowledge does come in handy, and trust us, there is still lots to learn. The activity will take place once a week in some classroom on our familiar Zernike campus and will costs around 15€. At the end of the course, if you enjoyed it so much you’d like to continue, it is possible to participate in the yearly play of Idiomotor, for more information click on that activity! But then again, when joining the Toneelcursus is not obligatory to participate in the final play.

Theatre productions

Every year following the drama course, we organize a theatre production. After the drama course, the director hosts an open repetition, in which those who did not take the drama course can participate as well. Afterwards, the director composes the group of actors. Then, for half a year, starting around January, there are weekly repetitions. Often followed by drinks as fellow actors quickly become friends. Later on, there will also be repetition weekends and/or days which are amazingly fun. Usually in the end of May/beginning of June, the play will be performed 3 times on 3 separate days, with each day hosting around 70 to 80 audience members.Below the tab ''theatre productions,'' you will find an overview of all the plays that have been performed in the previous years. Many of these were a great success. Some of them have even won Cardozo-awards for student theatre in Groningen. A play called ''All patients looked at Lotte with wonder'' had been nominated 4 times, 3 of which we have actually won!


Each year, several student rooms in Groningen get transformed into stages for acts of all kinds. This Stukafest-inspired event gives you around 4 different mystery performances. Maybe it's a great musical performance in a student room filled with study books and house plants, maybe it's a magician in a bunk bed, or maybe you can enjoy a theatre performance next to a pile of dirty dishes? One thing is for sure: you'll be very close to all the artists, which is the best part of Idiofest! How does it work? Well, that's quite simple! All the participants are divided into groups. These groups travel from room to room to enjoy the performances. The performers are also Idun members. Idunaren that would like to perform in an intimate setting can sign up to perform at Idiofest. Not only is Idiofest a lot of fun, it is also a nice way to get introduced to the talents of your fellow Idunaren.

Week of Culture

''Culture is the sum of all the forms of art, of love, and of thought, which, in the course of centuries, have enabled man to be less enslaved.''- Andre Malraux
Every year, we organize the Week of Culture! During this very exciting week, Idiomotor organizes many cultural activities. Two which return every year: the exposition and the open stage.The entire week, the ground floor of the Linnaeusborg is packed with artwork for us to admire, artwork made by students but also employees of our faculty.  Anyone who is involved in the fine arts is free to express themselves and is given the possibility to display their creations. We also started a doodle-project in which students can hand in their doodles. Next to all the beautiful paintings, there will be a huge collage filled with doodles made during tiresome moments in class. The open podium is also a standard activity during the Week of Culture. We rent a room, usually in a café, where everyone is free to use the stage. There is plenty of sound equipment, which allows many bands to play. But everything is possible: theatre, stand-up comedy, dance, or a magic show! It’s always a successful night with a lot of audience enjoying the amazing performances. Besides all this, we usually organize 2 other activities. Sometimes these are workshops, but these vary each year. Keep a close eye on our Facebook page and check out our posters hanging around campus to see what we have prepared for you this year!