FYC (Firstyears Committee)

The EJC (Eerstejaarscomissie = First Year Committee) consists of  about 5 first year students. We will be in this committee for a year, after which a new group of first years will take over our job. The EJC is the place to be if you are a new ‘’Idunaar’’ and you want to become active in the association. In the EJC you learn what life in a committee is like so you can later join other and bigger committees. In this year we get to know each other and do fun activities together, like having dinner, going out, drink a beer or go on committee weekend.

There are also more serious things to be done. We organise 3 to 4 activities in one year for all the members of Idun. The EJC has one set activity, which is organised every year and very famous within Idun: the Cocktailparty. At this party everyone dresses appropriately and drinks a lot of tasty and cheap cocktails. The other activities are totally free to be filled in by the EJC.

To organise all this great stuff, we have to have a lot of meetings. The advantage of a group of only first years is that we have our test and assignments at the same time. These meetings are easily planned to not interfere with our studies.

If you have any questions or you would like to join the EJC don’t bother to contact us by sending an e-mail to eerstejaars@idun.nl. You can also contact and follow us via our Facebook page ‘Sjaars Iduna’.


FYC 2019-2020

Hanna Groenenberg (2019) Chairman
Nienke Anne Loohuis (2019) Vice-chairman
Rianne Hobert (2019) Secretary
Evi Willemsen (2019) Treasurer
Myrthe Sloot (2019) PR
Bas Venhuizen (2019) Acquisition