Rules IduNight

An Idunacht is the FCP’s monthly party at Het Pakhuis. These parties are exclusively for the lovely biologists of GLV Idun.  During a regular night, some 200 of your fellow students show up, very often in amazing outfits, to catch up with people they haven’t seen in a while, spend their last money or just drink to forget the exam they screwed up. Each evenings starts with a Piekuur from 23:00-24:00, and in addition, one or two Piefusten are offered. During a Piekfust, 200 glasses of beer are sold for just €0,50 each.

As can be expected, you are expected to follow several rules, which are listed below. If these rules are kept in mind, we are able to organize an amazing evening which is enjoyed by everyone.

  • Until 03:00, entrance to the party is exclusively offered to members of GLV Idun and their guests.
  • Bring empty glasses to the bar, don’t throw them on the ground.
  • Smoking is only allowed outside.
  • During a Piekfust, everyone can order 6 beers max. in one order.
  • Self-brought consumptions are not allowed.
  • Use of soft- and harddrugs is explicitly prohibited.
  • Breaking these rules might result in removal from the party.
  • Notify the partycommittee (FCP) if you see any irregularities
  • Love thy neighbour!