Do you know MasterChef? We do! And we think we can compete with the best, so that’s why we organize the SDPA. This event is divided into two parts of the evening. The first part exists of a very nice three course meal (MasterChef style) and the second part is about tasting liquor. The evening is always in theme of a certain country. This year we cooked a Persian meal for 50 people and afterwards they enjoyed tasting the liquor out of chemical tubes (yes we are biologists!). There is a game involved with tasting the liquor: every participant gets a paper with cryptically sentences which describe the different types of liquor. The one who matches the most liquors with the descriptions wins! 

Themes of previous editions:

2009: Mexican
2010: Japanese
2011: Turkish 
2012: Indonesian
2013: Jamaican
2014: Egyptian
2015: Cuban
2017: Persian
2018: Peruvian
2019: Korean
2020: Ethiopian