Hitchhiking Weekend

In 2016 the hitch hiking weekend became once again one of our fantastic activities. Since we scraped our FAbulous Harz weekend, it was really necessary to come up with a new activity. After a lot of brainstorming and doubting, we decided we had to reintroduce the hitch hiking weekend! During the hitch hiking weekend you travel in pairs from Groningen to a foreign city by hitchhiking. This is of course quite thrilling, but a lot of fun and definitely a real experience. After hitchhiking to the city, we will stay there over the weekend to explore the city and the nightlife. We will return to Groningen on Sunday by bus, so there will only be hitchhiking on the outbound trip. In short, a weekend with a lot of excitement, good times and exploring a city on a (proper) distance!

​Destinations of previous years: 

2016: Leuven
2017: Bremen
2018: Lille
​2019: Flensburg