EI (Firstyear Introduction)

Dear new students,

We are the EI (introduction committee) and as you might have guessed by our name, we organize the introduction period for the first years students of biology and ls&t. We do this with the most eggcelent and egguisite team which you can see below in our beautifull committee photo.

The introduction period consists of the introduction week, drink, camp and the final party. During the introduction week you’ll meet your fellow students for the first time, which is of course is very nerve wrecking, but also very eggciting! You will also get some very eggcelent god parents to comfort you during your first weeks. There will also be an introduction drink where you’ll be able to take plenty with all the fellow Idunaren.

After the first week of lectures you’ll go on the most amazing weekend of your life: INTRODUCTION CAMP!! This will take place at an eggstraordinary farm in the pitoresc village Appelscha. Here we’ll make sure you will never be able to forget this weekend.

On Sunday after dinner the introduction camp has sadly come to an end, but to close the introduction period we’ll go lose one more time at the end party! After that we think we have introduced you enough to the wonderful world of Idun.

Much Kisses

Akke Gervedink Nijhuis, Chairman of the EI


EI 2019-2020

Akke Gervedink Nijhuis (2017) Chairman
Lynn Kromojahjo (2015) Secretary
Anna Wolters (2015) Minutes Secretary
Darnell Leepel (2017) Treasurer
Merel Jager (2018) Acquisition
Sigrid Baas (2017) Acquisition
Sabien Feitsma (2017) Acquisition
Siem Roerdink (2018) PR & HYPEman
Martijn van der Meer (2015) Old P
Merel van der Beek (2016) General member
Eileen Kikkert (2019) General member
Bas Venhuizen (2019) General member
Joris Millenaar (2019) General member
Fleur Aarninkhof (2018) General member