De Wabber

Hello I’m [blank] and I hold my presentation about the 5 pillars of de Wabber:

The first pillar is space. Why? Because it looks so cool.

The second is unicorns. Why? Because it looks so cool.

The third. Shrek, but then again also beerpong. Played every thursday in tha ‘suite’ so drop

by for a game or just for a drink that’s also allowed. We start at 5 so be there or be a

triangle/pentagon/rather not say. The beerpongtournament is also pretty sweet, get your

name immortalised on the (in)famous cup!

The fourth? All the other activities we organise! Such as a suitequiz (pubquiz), karaoke

evening and a barbecue that is “exclamation to express amazement or joy”. Very nice

indeed. There is also the LAN-party to play games and the craftbeer drinks (special beer


Well that about wraps it up, if you want more convincing to not have to go to our events: our

scary elderly ex-members still hang around so that is a perfectly viable excuse to stay at


Yours forever,

De Wabber


De Wabber 2019-2020

Jasmijn Beekman (2016) Chairman
Levi Schilder (2015) Vice-Chairman
Jildau Kuiper (2016) Secretary
Sil van Zoest (2018) Treasurer
Nick Otter (2017) Acquisition
Laurens Peer (2018) PR
Lieke van Iersel (2016) General member
Kasper de Mooij (2015) General member
Myrna Kooij (2019) General member
Mateo Ricardo Bril (2018) General member
Famke Eggink (2015) General member
Carsten Takens (2018) General member
Wendy Gaastra (2019) General member