BAF (Business Affairs)

The Business Affairs (or BAF in short) is the acquisition committee of GLV Idun, with as primary goal to support the Commissioner of External Affairs. Being a member of the BAF basically entails that once every two weeks, you hangout with the group to brainstorm about acquisition opportunities for the association as a whole or committees specifically. The sky is the limit! In 2016, we closed a deal with KPN to arrange free tickets to the KNSB Cup in Kardinge (which is an ice skating tournament). The brand new DJ-set was bought with a nice discount, organized by BAF members. So we are continuously looking for new opportunities to collaborate with companies, thereby advantaging our members and the companies themselves. The Commissioner of External Affairs is full-time occupied with this task, but we help him in doing so!

You are also introduced to acquisition yourself. We will teach you how to approach companies and together with older members, you will set your first steps in the world of acquisition. This way, you will learn skills that you can use in the rest of your life! Any experience in acquisition is therefore also not needed; we will learn you anything!

So, do you want to join a committee that offers you both fun and life-long lessons? That organizes committee weekends only in foreign destinations? Apply for the BAF! Because as they say in Dutch:  "Waj zegt aj dronken bent, hej dacht doe aj nog nuchter waoren." (translation: what one says when drunk, is what one thought of when sober).


the BAF


Business Affairs 2019-2020

Anne-Marije Bakker (2016) Secretary
Jurrian de Boer (2014) General member
Daniël Deep Singh (2016) General member
Jelleke de Jonge (2015) General member
Anoek Rijskamp (2016) General member
Matthijs Schuiling (2017) General member
Vera Corina Zut (2018) General member
Joeri Rolwes (2017) General member
Manouk Beuving (2016) General member
Suzanne van Wees (2018) General member
Tim Tuïnk (2015) Chairman
Circe van der Heide (2013) General member