Almanac Committee

We are the ALMANIACS! Our committee exists out of a few enthusiastic members who make sure that memories of the years are placed inside of the little book. We spent our free evenings on InDesign and photoshop to write and lay-out everything for the almanac (in other words the yearbook). During our meetings, we heavily discussed the content and the theme of the almanac and everything that comes with that. Furthermore, we collected all the texts that are submitted by committees, disputes, and other associations. Every written word passes our critical eyes before it is printed in the almanac. Needless to say: a lot of blood, sweat, and tears is put in the almanac by our committee. Luckily, we also do other things together to relax a bit. We like to go out for dinner and play games together. On top of that, we go every year on a committee weekend to boost our creativity with some (or a lot...) alcohol. Did you know that we were able to play out the game ‘skøll’? 

In doing everything we are interested in your ideas to make this almanac even better than te last one. So make sure to contact us if you want to share great ideas with us!


Almanac 2019-2020

Anne Floor Holtrop (2017) Chairman
Mariëlle Hoppenreijs (2016) Treasurer
Kyra van der Ploeg (2017) General member
Louise Jaarsma (2017) General member
Shinjita Sha (2018) General member
Bo Krause (2017) Secretary
Claudia Cecilia Koster (2018) General member