Current Board

Board 2020-2021 

Board 2020-2021

Aliek Hasperhoven (2016) Chairman
Flo Wijnhorst (2018) Secretary
Marianne Molenaar (2017) Treasurer
Dewi Koster (2017) Vice-Chairman
Akke Gervedink Nijhuis (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Kas Bijker (2016) Commissioner of External Affairs
Sigrid Baas (2017) Commissioner of Education/PR functionary


My name is Aliek Hasperhoven and this year, I will be chairman of the board. I am 22 years old and I just finished my bachelor's in Molecular Life Sciences. Before I applied for the board, I was active within Idun in the Foreign Affairs committee, where I spent 3,5 amazing years. I also spent one year in the Zwemfest committee, working together with other study associations to organize a cool music festival. That's because I love (rock) music, concerts and festivals. I also love geography, flags, trains and all fun facts in general. Tell me a fun fact on just about everything and I will be hanging on your lips (figuratively).

See you around!





My name is Flo Wijnhorst and I am 20 years old. I am the secretary of this year's board, Callisto. I follow the major Behaviour & Neuroscience and I am in my third year, but I will not follow any courses this year. Before I started as a board member, I was active at Idun as a member of the sports committee, the S.L.A.K., and the lustrum committee. In my first year I also joined the lovely Wurtols and I still am an orange Wurtoltje. I love watching movies! From the classics to arthouse films to (bad) comedies, I like them all (except romcoms, no thanks). So, if you have any recommendations for a good movie, let me know. 

See you!



I’m Marianne Molenaar and I’m 21 years old. I just finished my bachelor’s in Molecular Life Sciences. This year I won’t be studying, as I’m the treasurer of the board. Before I got onto the board I was in two Idun committees: the culture committee Idiomotor and the audit committee. I also have a life outside from Idun (wow). When I’m free, I like listening to music, playing bass, going to concerts and hanging out with my friends.

I hope to see you around this year!




Hey there! 

My name is Dewi Koster and I am 22 years old. I will be this year’s vice chairman of GLV Idun. I will finish my bachelor Molecular life sciences and will be dedicated to Idun this year. I became an active member of GLV Idun in my second year when I joined the FCP (Feestcommissie Partysquad) and the StudyTour. Besides that, I was also involved in the committee of BetaBusinessDays and I really like going to the gym, walking, concerts and festivals. I LOVE(!) coffee, so feel free to come by for a chat and a nice warm brew.

I hope to meet you all this year! 

Xoxo Dewi Koster


My name is Akke Gervedink Nijhuis and I am 21 years old. This year I will be the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of board Callisto and I will also finish my bachelor of Biomedical Engineering. Before I became a member of this amazing board, I already had an active role within our association as a member of the EI, LuCo, GBC and FYC. Besides this I am also an aspi Wurtol. The time I have left besides Idun, is filled with giving dance classes or dancing myself, playing the piano or the saxophone, listening to music, watching movies or series, working as a transplant technician and making plans and hanging out with my friends and family. I am always ready for a chat, a drink and something to eat, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Lots of love,




I´m Kas Bijker and this year I will fulfill the position of Commissioner of External Affairs in the 15th board of GLV Idun. Besides I’m the only guy in this female driven board, I’m also the oldest (which of course makes me the wisest member ;)). Before I became a board member I was the chair of the Foreign Affairs and treasurer of the Symposium committee. And as a cherry on top I can consider myself part of the best and most ‘’prominente’’ dispuut of Idun: G.H.D. Exquise. After the 114th time talking about this my fellow board members already got sick of me ;). But the most important thing is that I’m always in for a joke or a drink, so don’t hesitate to start up a conversation with me. 

I hope that we will have a drink soon!



Hi Lovely people!

I am Sigrid Baas and this year I will be the commissioner of Education in the Idun board. I am 21 years old and a fourth year biomedical sciences student. Before this year I was a member of the most amazing committee of Idun: the EI, introduction committee(EI HOOG). In the past year I was a member of the lustrum committee to make some awesome plans for this year. And I am also a proud Wurtol. 

In my free time I like taking care of my plants, solving sudokus, and playing board games(my favorite is Carcassonne). I also like the occasional borrel. 

I hope to be able to talk to you all soon!

Kisses and hugs, Sigrid