Current Board

Board 2019-2020 'Carbon'

Board 2019-2020 'Carbon'

Board 2019-2020

Sami Balahsioui (2016) Chairman
Marlin Leemhuis (2017) Secretary & PR-functionary
Demi Gommers (2017) Treasurer
Robert Jansen (2017) Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Vice-Chairman
Tim Tuïnk (2015) Commissioner of External Affairs & PR-functionary
Bindert Algra (2016) Commissioner of Education

Hej there,

My name is Sami, 22 years of age and since last year, I finished my Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences. I have been an active GLV Idun member since my first year and I have been since part of the First Year Committee, the Foreign Affairs, the Year Representation. I am also a member of the XJC and the Program Committee of the BSc Biology & Life Science & Technology. I am looking forward to spend my next year representing Idun as Chairman of GLV Idun with passion and drop by at the Hok for some coffee or just a quick chat.

See you soon!



My name is Marlin Leemhuis. I am a 21 years old Biomedical Sciences student. This year it will be my honour to be the secretary of the fourteenth board of GLV Idun. I grew up in Almelo, which is located in beautiful Twente. When I started studying I became a member of Idun right away. During my membership I have had a lot of fun organizing activities for the First Years Committee (FYC) and the Career Committee (CaCo). Furthermore I have also been a member of the Programme Committee and the Year Representatives. This year I will answer all your email, will be responsible for the members administration and will take minutes of the General Assemblies.

If you have any questions you can always contact us or come by the Hok! Hope to see you around!

See you,



Hi there,

My name is Demi and I would have been a third year bachelor student in biomedical sciences, but I will be the treasurer of the fourteenth board of GLV Idun. I am responsible for the finances this academic year. Besides all the financial part, I am supporting the rest of the board where ever I can.
In my first two years at GLV Idun I was a member of the First Year Committee (FYC), De Wabber and the audit committee (KasCo). I will remain to be a member of the XJC.
I'm excited about spending my year with my board at the Hok, but will also spend some time underwater since I play underwater hockey on a weekly basis at G.B.D. Calamari.
If you've any questions or want to have a chat, don't hesitate to step by the Hok at the Linnaeusborg!

Warm wishes,
Demi Gommers


My name is Robert, this year I will spend my time as the Commissioner of Internal Affairs and as Vice-chairman of the 14th board of GLV Idun. I’m a third years biomedical sciences and behavioural and neurosciences student. The past 2 years I was a part of the first years committee and the introduction committee (EI) and I’m a part of the XJC. You could have seen me rowing on the Noord-Willemskanaal, because I’m also an active member at Gyas.

If you have any questions about committees or an activity, you can always send me a text or come by at The Hok to drink a cup of coffee or tea (or a can of chocomel or fristi)

See you,

Robert Jansen



My name is Tim Tuïnk and as I finished my bachelors Biomedical Sciences & Behavioral Neurosciences last year and the opportunity of being a board member of my association came along, I gave it my best shot and here I am: the 14th Commissioner of External Affairs and PR functionary.

During my Idun membership, I have been member of the partycommittee (FCP) and I still will be member of the GBC 100 years committee. My third love within GLV Idun belongs to G.H.D. Exquise. Apart from my Idun history there is one - well, actually two remarkable - difference(s) that sets me apart from the other five board members. I only became an active member in my second year studying Biology and I probably will be the first board member with only nine fingers.

Not being able to type with ten fingers, won’t stop me from giving my all for this awesome association. I will be responsible for future collaborations, discounts and career-related activities and will do my best to create some extra budget and connect with external parties for Idun.

Please feel free to come up with suggestions of new companies, collaborations or other ideas. Also feel free having a chat about nothing or anything! See you at the Hok and at the activities!



Hey there fellow kids,

My name is Bindert Algra, I’m 21 and I will be the next Commissioner of Education for the 14th board of GLV Idun. I made this great decision in my third year of studying and being an active member of GLV Idun. During my studies I became a member of the FA (Foreign Affairs), the GBC 100 year committee, the BSc Programme Committee of Biology and LS&T and last but not least joined Ted van der Parre (the security fraternity of Idun). I will remain in the BSc Programme Committee of Biology and LS&T and also a member of Ted van der Parre. As the new commissioner of Education I am tasked with managing the book sale, organizing learning communities/tutoring classes, course evaluations and everything related to education.

Besides all these serious topics I also like to drink a beer and have a fun chat. So if you want to ask me anything about the association or study related, don’t hesitate and come in for a chat!

See you around!

Bindert Algra

Feel free to come by the Hok!