Lunch lecture

Hi everyone!

With a lot of pride we would like to announce the first lunch lecture of the year! This wonderful activity includes a free lunch, free entrance and the entertainment of an interesting informal talk of a professor who will tell you all about his path to become where he is now.

This time the speaker will be Robbert Havekes, who is a professor at the RUG. His discipline is neuroscience and he’s an expert in fields like learning and memory, hippocampal function, sleep and more. He has done a lot of research and has over 50 publications! After completing his bachelor and master he eventually made his way to become a professor at the RUG. He also gave an awesome TEDx talk in November 2018 about sleep deprivation and memory problems. He’ll be able to give you a lot of information about becoming a professor. 

This activity is well suited for first-years to master students and will inform you about the academic pathway/the road after a PhD. It is only one hour, you don’t have to sign up and it includes a great and FREE lunch but remember: first come, first serve! So we hope to see you at the lunch lecture at September 16th at 12:00 in room LB 5173.0151. 


The CaCo