The Year Representation (a.k.a. "Jaarvertegenwoordiging" or "JvT") is the advisory council for the programme committee (PC) of the bachelors Biologie and LS&T. The students of the JvT make notice of problems and points of improvement in the bachelors that are not noticed by the PC. Students can go to members of the JvT when they have complaints, so the JvT has a good idea of what the general opinion of students is. The compaints are discussed during the meetings of the PC and can cause big changes in courses. Therefore, the JvT is a very influential coucil. 

The JvT consists of 5-15 students from every major. This way, the JvT can discuss most of the courses that are given. After each period (so four times a year) the JvT gets together and discusses every course from the previous period. The commissioner of education from GLV Idun leads these meetings and is responsible for communicating the evaluations to the PC.

There are two different JvT's; one for the first year students and one for the second and third year students. Below is a list of the members of the JvT's. Don't hesitate to go to one of these people when you have something to say about a course.

Everyone is free to join a JvT and give their opinion on courses. Send and e-mail to if you want to become a JvT member. You can join any time of the year!

Members JvT-1

  • Gerwin van der Wal
  • Famke Eggink
  • Jurre Roeleveld
  • Loes Holleboom
  • Hong Yu Chou
  • Romy Spronk
  • Tessa Lohr
  • Nady Meijer
  • Meiske Pieters
  • Sjoerd Heegstra

Members JvT-2/3  

  • Jesse Kuindersma
  • Nino Papa
  • Marina Boon
  • Jessy Karijosemito
  • Joey Roelofsen
  • Crista Kampert
  • Noa Leijdesdorff
  • Eva van Burg
  • Willemiek Iwema
  • Manon Meerman
  • Hedwig Doornbosch
  • Ivor van der Laan