The bachelor programme committee (PC) is an official participation council of the bachelors Biologie and LS&T. The PC consists of 6 to 7 student members, 6 teacher members and 2 study advisors. There is a student and a teacher for each major, except for general biology. The student members have a first year member among them as well. Lastly, the commissioner of education of GLV Idun is the board representative of the PC and is responsible for sharing information from the students from the year representation.

The PC is responsible for grading courses, discussing the general rules of the bachelors and criticizing upcoming changes. Besides that, the PC chooses the teachers of the year for Biology and LS&T. 

The PC gets together once a month. The student members get together on the day before each meeting as well. In this student meeting, the agenda of the upcoming meeting is discussed. 

Compaints about courses or questions about the PC can be e-mailed to

Student members bachelor PC:

Chris Kapinga - Chair
Natsja Zijlstra - General member
Daniëlle ter Braake - General member
Joey Roelofsen - General member
Pam Gottschal - General member
Sem Foreman - General member
Esmee Castermans - Board representative