Landelijk Overleg Biologie Studenten (LOBS) is a group of students from all biology bachelors and masters in the Netherlands. The goal of LOBS is to look after the interests of all biology students by organizing montly meetings to discuss problems and developments at all universities. LOBS is also maps all biology-related bachelors and masters and their content. 

Every year, LOBS organizes a masterdag in Utrecht where all biology masters present themself. This event is for (almost) graduated bachelor students who are orienting on different master options. Also, LOBS organizes a yearly congress in Burgers' Zoo. This congress, the LCBS, is for everyone who is interested in biology. Students can also participate in the thesis contest at the LCBS.

For more information about LOBS and her activities, take a look at their website or send an e-mail to bestuur@idun.nl.