Message from the Almaniacs

Message from the Almaniacs

Dear Idunaren,

We are working very hard to make an amazing new Almanac. An important part of the almanac is the mugbook (or like it was called last year: ‘Smoelenboek’) . Everone knows you’re not a real Idunaar without a good photo in the Smoelenboek. So take your chance!


Do you want to change your photo because you don’t have one (because you didn’t attend the introduction day) or because you don’t like your current photo? Take the following steps:


1. Go to

2. Sign in

3. Go to ‘My GLV Idun -- Profile'

4. Choose ‘Bewerk profiel’ (edit profile) 

5. Choose ‘Bestand kiezen’ at ‘Profielfoto’ (profile picture) and pick your most beautiful (or ugly) photo

6. Choose ‘Wijzigingen opslaan’ (save changes) 


Be aware that you can also change other data, like your address, in this way. If you don't want your address or phone number in the Almanac make sure you mention this in your profile!


You have to change your photo (and other data) BEFORE THE 20TH OF DECEMBER 2018! Otherwise it will not be in the almanac of 2018-2019. Good luck finding an amazing photo!


Lots of love,

The Almaniacs


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