Merchandise Marathon (1/3)

Are you ready for the first merchandise items of the year? We are going to do it a little bit different than the past years: get ready for the Merchandise Marathon of 2018-2019! From time to time, we’ll add two items to the merchandise of Idun. The first two items are related to the cold weather of this season: a GLV Idun magic mug and an Iduna’s Apple sweater! The mug changes colour if you fill it with hot liquid; so drink your hot chocolate, tea or other hot drink that will keep you warm this winter to reveal our beloved Iduna (it’s like magic). If that doesn’t keep you warm enough then add the Iduna’s Apple sweater to your order!

Some serious stuff: we only have 20 mugs for this round, so first come first serve. If you want to fit the sweater, we have fitting models at the board room (Margot is wearing an unisex size S in the picture). You don’t have to worry about the sweaters, we have an unlimited amount. You can place your order from Tuesday December 4th 12:00 till Wednesday December 12th.

Much love,
Board Apollo

PS: we are not sure if the mugs will come back in the second round of the Merchandise Marathon, but the sweaters will be.


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