The establishment of GLV Idun
GLV Idun was established while signing the mergercontract on juni 1 2006. After this moment, Biology and Life science and Technology no longer had their seperate associations, but had a studyassociation together. 

The 'Groninger Biologen Club' (GBC) was the studyassociation for Biology. It ecxisted since 1919 and was a broad association with seventeen committees. The GBC was located in Haren, where they organized a drink every thursday in their membersroom, called 'de Suite'. This tradition still ecxists in the new suite located in the Linneausborg. In the beginning of GBC, they mostly organized ecxursions. When they got more members, they got more committees and activities. In this time some familiar names arose like the InNatura (ecxursioncommitte) and the Harz-weekend. 
Groningen started with the study Life Science and Technology in 2002. Soon there were students, wanting a studyassociation of their own. This is when s.v. Melior Vita came into ecxistence on april 4 2003. The main point of this year was ecxpanding the association, like recruiting members, starting up committees, first GMMs and the first dies. In this year, the first edition of 'Idioot op de boot' took place in coorporation with Lugus and FMF. This party became 'Prominent in de Tent' and still ecxists!
After a few years, the studies biology and life science and technology were combined by the university in a broad bachelor. Both studyassociations decided to adapt and prepared a merge. In the year preceding the merge, both associations organized some activities together, like the congres and some socials to get to know each other. At the end of the mergingperiod, there was a mergingparty in may. The theme of this party was: ‘Neanderthalers, back to the beginning’. 

The start of Idun
The first board of GLV Idun was installed after the fusion on june 8. They had the task to start creating a unity of the association. Several committiees from GBC and Melior Vita were combined. Some of them got a new name. The first big activity was organized by the new introductioncommittee, the 'Ei'. They organized the introductioncamp for all new first year lifesciences. Since this year, the first IduNacht took place in the Troubadour. This is still the monthly party of Idun. Every committee did their best to keep old activities, but also thought of new activities. This year was finished with the first dies of GLV Idun, with the theme 1001 nights. 

The continuation
In the years after the birth of GLV Idun, the association grew every year in amount of members, activities and committies. There came even more active 'disputen' to the association. 
Time flies. In 2010-2011 GLV Idun celebrated its first lustrum with a lot of big activities, a beautiful lustrumbook, and a magnificent lustrumweek. Several committies worked together to celebrate this fifth aniversary extensive. 
GLV Idun is a relatively joung association, but is already one of the biggest associations in Groningen.
​Who knows what the following years will bring!