Symposium Committee

Dear all,

Have you already heard hear about the symposium committee? The symposium committee organizes the annual symposium with a bio-sciences related topic. We try to pick a different topic every year. Previous topics were: sleep and dreams, addiction, love, sport and food.

Four speakers speak about the topic. If you don’t fancy listening all day, there will also be workshops that you can attend and at the end of the day your nose will be filled with the smell of a cold beer. 

Tasty about this year’s topic? Stay updated via facebook, poster, the site or just ask one of the members of the committee. Or just follow the hints, hopefully it will make sense at the end.

With love,

The Symposium Committee


Symposium committee 2018-2019

Michelle Hettinga (2016) Chairman
Tess van der Hoek (2014) Secretary
Eline Ramaaker (2015) Treasurer
Kas Bijker (2016) Acquisition & Vice-Chairman
Linde van Dongen (2016) Speakers and Program
Lisa Bouwman (2017) PR
Femke Nadema (2016) Chairman of the Day