Study Tour '14-'15

This year's studytour went to Denmark.
More information will follow soon

Study Tour '13-'14

The GLV Idun Study Tour of 2014-2015 we visited companies in Belgium, France and The Netherlands, we had a free day in Gent. The following companies provided a case and a company tour. The tour was multidisciplinary and a report of the tour can be found on the blog

1. Friesland Campina (Wageningen, NL)

Supervisor RuG: Lubbert Dijkhuizen and Sander van Leeuwen

Case Topic: Infant Formulation and Health

2. NIOO Institute Yerseke (Yerseke, NL)

Supervisor RuG: Luit de Kok 

Case Topic: Human Intervention in the Westerschelde and Zeeland Deltas

3. NuScience (Gent, Belgium)

Supervisor RuG: Anton Scheurink and Alicia Lammerts - van Bueren
Case Topic: Biotechnological Inventions in the Feed Area

4. Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Beerze, Belgium)

Supervisor RuG: Bauke Buwalda

Case Topic: Drug Toxicity

5. Tate & Lyle, (Lille, France)

Supervisor RuG: Marc van der Maarel
Case Topic: Bioprocessing Enzymes and Starch Products for Industry

Study Tour '12-'13

The GLV Idun Study Tour of 2012-2013 we visited companies in Germany and had a free day in Münster! Apart from our free day in Münster we visited several companies in Bad Homburg, Ludwigshafen, Bad Kissingen and Heidelberg. The tour was biomedically orientated and a report of the tour can be found on the blog.