The Study Tour

Every year, master students have the opportunity to follow the master course ‘Orientation on International Scientific Careers (OISC)’. The goals of this course are to inform students about career possibilities at international companies and organizations, to learn how to think in terms like commercial aspects and marketing potential and finally to discuss and present at a company in a professional way.
         Cases of different disciplines will be provided by companies and solved by an interdisciplinary team of students under supervision of a teacher. The study tour is a part of this great course and takes the students along the participating companies during a 6 day journey by bus. Every day the tour visits a different company where the students will present their results conducted from literature research done in Groningen. The companies will provide a lunch and a company tour. After the company visit the bus takes the group to the next destination where they can enjoy a great dinner. In the evenings the students can explore the various cities the study tour takes us to. The last day of the tour will be a free day at the final destination. The study tour has already explored France, Germany and Denmark.
          In summary, the study tour is a great opportunity to explore career options, international companies and foreign cities. The study tour will be educational as well as the best week of your study time!

The Study Tour Committee

The study tour committee has existed for several years and consists, over the years, of about 8 enthusiastic members. The committee organizes everything around the tour but is also involved in the organization of the course OISC itself.
          We start our ‘study tour year’ with the search for new supervising teachers who can provide a case at a company. This is done in collaboration with the course coordinators. Because the course doesn’t exists without the cases and supervisors. Of course, to solve the cases, master students have to be informed about the great opportunity to join the course and study tour. We have to let out our artistic spirits and create the most beautiful and striking posters and flyers. We also have to take care of our finances by searching for funds and sponsors. Furthermore we will book hostels, reserve the bus, arrange the dinners and plan the route of the tour. We take these responsibilities very seriously but also have lots of fun during our meetings and meals with each other as a committee. Together we can make the study tour a week you will never forget!

Memers of the Study Tour committee:

Daniëlle ter Braake - Chair woman
Romy Krikke - General member
Kirsten Muizer - General member
Kees Wesselink - General member