Dear reader,

Due to the 2 lucky coincidences that GLV Idun was founded on the 1st of june 2006 AND that for some reason humans get happy about multiples of 5, will it be our duty as the second lustrumcommissie to turn 2015-2016 into an awesome year. 
Apparently I'm supposed to tell stuff about the past in this part of the text, but I'm not in the mood today.

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming events!

Hope to see you around soon!
Lustrumcommissie '15-'16

Members Lustrumcommittee:

Narelle Heuvelink - Chairwoman
Joana Gomes Neto - Secretary
Ilse Jansen - Treasurer
Jorick Hiemstra - PR functionnary
Rori Wijnhorst - Vice- Chairman
Jesper Bosma - General member
Mirte Roeleveld - General member
Roelof de Vries - General member

Lustrum 14-15.png