We are the Lifeline and we make it our utmost priority to deliver an amazing magazine to the members of GLV Idun.
Have you ever wondered why we are called the Lifeline? I can sure tell you we have. We actually wonder about a lot of questions. Sadly, the search for the origin of the Lifeline name remains a mystery till this day. Fortunately, most other questions we wonder about are answered in our ‘how it works’ column. The excess of other questions will be answered during our meetings by Jasper, who is a living Wikipedia encyclopedia.
Speaking of meetings, every Monday we drink, talk and try not to get offended by one of the sexually tinted jokes made by any of our members. In addition, we discuss important matters concerning the Lifeline’s content and throw our purest artful emotions at Indesign to make the layout of our magazine breathtaking.
Whether you like to read a small fun fact or a long thoroughly described story. Or do you feel more like just looking at drunk faces of last Idunight which can be found on the pages filled with Paparazcie’s pictures?  Perhaps you’d like to read about Bas and his Beasts or Jolien who saw something small? Or just see what people from Biology and Life, Science and Technology do abroad? The Lifeline is the right place for you! We have it all.
​Whether you are the chairman or the Iduzzel winner, the Lifeline is there for its readers, online and in paper.  It will always represent the beautiful people that produce it, and make the committee as marvelous as she is. 

Members Lifeline:

Julia Vonk - Chairwoman
Meiske Pieters - Secretary
Aline Joustra - Commissioner website
Jasper Stinenbosch - Commissioner lay-out
Devi Seijkens - Member
Hennie Heida - Member
Jonah Renting - Member
Lars de Ridder - Member
Lianne van de Belt - Member
Jorrit Waslander - Member