Learning new things doesn't have to be boring. That's something InNatura likes to show you. As the educationcommitee of Idun we search each year for new informative and fun activities to make your time as a student more interesting and amusing! This year we started with an exiting demonstration of man's best friend in a more dangerous way. The dogs of the police academy showed us how well they could listen, but mainly how they could bite the bandits when that's necessary.  After these furry friends we take you to something wetter, namely a super cool lecture about sharks with an exciting quiz. More interested in medicine? Than our excursion to the 3D lab might be someting for you. Here special technical gadgets are showed which are used in modern medicine. Exhausted after all these activities? Maybe we even have a relaxing activity later this year. Enough to do as you see!
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See you at our activities,
Kisses from the InNatura

​Members InNatura:

Luca: Chair
Amna: Vice-chair
Lïse: Treasurer
Vera: PR-functionary
Tom: Acquisition
Lisette: Secretary
Jara: General Member
Merith: General Member
Leon: General Member
Laurens: General Member
Micha-Ella: General Member