In the year 19 of the 21st century a great celebration is coming. We are the GBC 100 jaar committee and we are installed to organize and execute the biggest, most amazing celebration this world has ever seen. In 2019 one of the founding associations of GLV Idun, GBC, will have existed for 100 years. To celebrate this special occasion we will organize multiple events in the year 2019 for young and old members. Our humble committee contains the following people. Arne van Eerden, Bindert Algra, Joost van der Laan, Lisa Rose Haaksma, Margot van den Beukel, Reinoud Homan, Toon Scheurink, and Yvonne Rietstra. Together we will strive to bring this festivity to new hights, in doing so we are interested in your ideas for such a celebration. So make sure to contact us for more information or if you want to share great ideas with us. See you soon.