During the SpecOps trip, we go visit one of Europe’s beautiful cities! This activity is every year in Ascension weekend (from Thursday to Sunday). Last year we went with a group of almost 50 people to Vienna and it was a great success. Examples of where we went earlier are Krakow, Prague, Brussels and Antwerp. During this weekend we always have a tour around bars to check out the local nightlife, a dinner with all the participants, and the famous ‘the Specops Operations’. The last is a game where the participants go into the city in groups where they have to complete a number of tasks and take pictures while doing these tasks. There is also an ‘object’ which the different groups have to steal from each other. When your group owns the object, you will earn extra points. Every year, this game leads to an awesome day with a lot of deadly serious contestants and lots of fun! This is not very odd of course because the winning group receives eternal fame! Of course there will be plenty enough spare time to do things like shopping, sightseeing and relaxing in the park. All together SpecOps is a great weekend trip everyone will enjoy!

Where: City in Europe
When: Ascension weekend
Price: +/- €100,- 

Previous years
2010: Antwerp
2011: Prague
2012: Cologne
2013: Brussels
2014: Krakow
2015: Berlin
2016: Vienna