The Foreign Affairs (FA) is thé foreign commission of GLV Idun. We normally depend on 10 to 13 members and we meet every Monday to eat together and consult about our activities. Every year we organize about four activities for all the members of Idun. These are the hitchhiking weekend, SDPA, WiFA, and Specops. Descriptions of these activities can be found in the menu. Do you think you are a real addition to our commission or do you have questions or comments about our activities, let us know! You can spot us at many Idun activities. See you there!

Members of Foreign Affairs:
President: Nienke van Wees
Vice-president: Sami Balahsioui
Secretary: Eline Ramaaker
Treasurer: Floris Pekel
PR-functionary: Margot van den Beukel
Head acquisition: Binder Algra
General member: Aliek Hasperhoven
General member: Daan Houkes
General member: Kas Bijker
General member: Manouk Beuving
General member: Nynke Flipse
General member: Sam Miró Sterck
General member: Wouke Kuiper​