- How can I get a ticket for the gala?
Tickets can be obtained by asking members of the board. You can find them from Monday to Friday at the Linnaeusborg, and on Wednesday in ‘Het Huisje’, next to ADL1 (UMCG). There’s no need to pay by cash, as the price will be paid automatically via your account. 

- I’d like to bring a guest. Is this possible? 
Yes, but the ticket price will be paid by the Idun-member. You’ll have to arrange the finances yourselves. Each Idun-member can bring two guests. Guests and members are ought to arrive at the Gala at the same time. 

- How many tickets can I get? 
The maximum amount of tickets that can be obtained by one member is 6. The maximum of two guests still applies.

- I have already got a ticket to the gala, but I am unable to go/ don’t want to go anymore. Until what time is it possible to get my money back.
Money will be refunded until one week before the gala (9th of November) by sending a mail to feest@idun.nl. After this date, it is no longer possible to get your money refunded.

- Can I re-sell a ticket, or is it possible to get a ticket via another member or third party? 
No, all tickets are linked to a name. People whose names are not on the list, will be denied access to the Gala. 

- It’s not possible for me to obtain a ticket by myself. How can I get a ticket?
If you’re not in Groningen during the ticket sale, and if there’s no-one to pick up the ticket for you, send a mail to feest@idun.nl

- Until what time is it possible to gain entry to the gala?
Entrance is only possible between 22:30 and 00:30, and with a valid ticket. After this time, it will not be possible to enter the Gala. 

- Is there a Gala booklet?
Yes, it will be sent to all participants by mail, and can also be found by clicking on the link. The Gala booklet contains information on the Gala itself, music, location and etiquette.