The Party Committee Partysquad, or FCP, is the committee that provides the necessary monthly parties. Once each month, we organize the so called ‘Idunacht’ in the bar ‘Het Pakhuis’. The Idunachten are the ideal way of partying with your fellow biologists, forgetting that exam you screwed up or spending your last money. Although regular Idunachten are already amazing, every two months the Idunights have a certain theme. In the past, Idunaren have shown up dressed in their ugliest legging at the ‘Foute Fitness’ Idunacht, or played beerpong like spoiled American fraternity kids at the ‘American Frat Party’. For the coming year, you can expect themes such as a Pyamaparty, Blacklight and many more. We’ll keep you updated about the upcoming events via Facebook or the Idunsite!

In addition to the monthly Idunacht, the FCP organises two other big events. First of all, we are responsible for the annual Gala that takes place in November. Suit up and go helemaal to the kloten during this unforgettable evening, where entertainment traditionally is provided by a DJ and a live-band. 

Then, as we have reached the end of the year, the FCP organises a beer-cantus, where we sing terrible songs that keep getting better as the evening progresses.

All of these events are made possible by a lovely group of FCP’ers:

Bram Nieuwenhuis - Chairman
Rutger Boesjes - Vice President
Jasmin Schelhaas - Secretary
Ellen Rietsema - Treasurer
Hugo Markus - Head DJ’s
Hilde Bruggen - PR
Hui-Ting Li - Decorations
Tim Tuïnk - Acquisition of funds
Calvin Wolters - Acquisition of funds
Karst van Overbeek - General Member
Jaap Kleijkamp - Committee Psychologist
Frank van Baal - General Member
​Lousan Zieverink - General Member