The best start for a fantastic period of studying in the beautiful city of Groningen is achieved whenone attends the introduction period of GLV Idun. I welcome all you on behave of the commission which is responsible for this period. Our commission goes by the name of EI, which is Dutch for Egg. EI is short for “Eerstejaars introductie”, which is Dutch for “First-years introduction”. These two Dutch words are by far the most important one will learn while living in Groningen, so make sure to remember them! We are responsible for organizing the Introduction Program for the new biology/life science & technology students. The first part of this program is the Introductions day on which one will be able to arrange necessary things, like ordering a lab coat and other necessities. One will be guided around the relevant buildings on Zernike campus by enthusiastic senior students and the day will end with a big party in the inner city of which one will probably not remember all too many details. The second part of the program is a three days long introduction camp, which will take place in the weekend after the first week of lectures and tutorials. It’s the perfect way for meeting a lot of new people and closing that will last a lifetime. We will organize a lot of fun activities and make sure one get’s in touch which as many different people as possible. On top off this, we’ll organize a smashing party to finish they day in style. We hope to see and get to know all of you in one of the many activities of the Introduction Program and wish you an amazing time in Groningen!

Kind regards,

Roelof de Vries

Chairman EI

Leden Eerstejaars Introductiecommissie:

Roelof de Vries - Chairman
Jonne Feitsma - Treasurer
Luca van den Brink - General member
Jesper Bosma - General member
Circe van der Heide - General member
Toni Hoenders - General member
Joyce Lopes - General member
Damian Meijerink - General member
Merlijn de Wolf - General member
Lynn Kromojahjo - General member
Sjoerd Heegstra - General member
Niek van de Sande - General member
Hannah van Buiten - General member
Kiri Abee - General member