Dear new student,

Fantastic, Incredible, Spectacular, Extraordinary, Magnificent, Marvellous, Phenomenal, Prodigious and Sublime. These adjectives are all synonym for the EI Commission. Each year we will kick off the start of your student career with an amazing Introduction Period.

The introduction period will consist of four days of fun. On the first day (Introduction Day) you will be able to order all the necessary tools for the study (Lab coats, books etc.). Throughout this day a duo of two senior students will also guide you around the Zernike Campus. If you are interested in joining our student association, this is the moment enrol!!! Make sure to make notes of everything you’ve learned on this day because it is certain you will forget everything during the party in the evening with your fellow students.

The last three days of the introduction period will be something to remember (Introduction Camp). Every year we organize an amazing three-day camp in Appelscha with lots of activities and theme parties. During this camp you will form friendships that will last a lifetime. And remember: What happens in Appelscha, stays in Appelscha. We will of course end the Introduction Period with a mind-blowing party.  

We hope to see you soon!

Yours truly,

Martijn van der Meer
​Chairman EI 

Leden Eerstejaars Introductiecommissie:

Martijn van der Meer                      Voorzitter
Merel van der Beek                        Vice-Voorzitter
Joyce Lopes                                   Secretaris
Kiri Abee                                         Notulist
Damian Meijerink                            PR + Hypeman
Ydwer Kuindersma                          PR + Hypeman
Troy Schoenmaker                          PR + Hypeman
Roelof de Vries                                PR + Hypeman
Akke Gervedink Nijhuis                   Penningmeester
Lynn Kromojahjo                             Penningmeester
Sabien Feitsma                               Acquisitie
Sigrid Baas                                      Acquisitie
Toni Hoenders                                General Member
Robert Jansen                                General Member