"Disclaimer: The Wabber likes to joke around a lot (known in Dutch as 'gallen'), therefore our english text is literally translated from Dutch, if you really want to know more, e-mail us,entertainment@idun.nl

The Wabber always knows how to entertain. If it is just on the by us organised activities or the activities of other commissies is, the Wabber stands always guaranteed for pleasure. (Wait what?) Every thursday care we anyway for ultimate relaxation in the newly renovated 'suite' under the delight of a little drink and a little crisp. Outside the  thursdays around are you always welcome to a pot of chillings on the couch, or a little game to play.
The list of activities is actually too long to recite, but examples can never harm. We go once a year to Ameland (actually we don't do this anymore) for our relaxation, try 2 until 3 times a year a pubquiz to organize, hold beerpong tournaments, (whiskey/wine/beer/rum) tastings, crafts beer borrols (seriously, what's a borrel in english?) And of course the Dies Barbecue where always more than 150 man on off comes. Like you maybe have through by now "entertainment" covers the load by long after not and therefore we are called "De Wabber".
Might the reading of this piece now all your neurons do fire of desire or do you want more information, then you can always on Thursday after 4 hour come by in the suite (next to the board pen or look on Facebook for the HoeTeGaanNaarDeSuite video) or take contact with us up via Facebook (de Wabber), e-mail (entertainment@idun.nl) or speak us on if you see us walking."

Members of de Wabber:

Auke van der Meij - Chairman
Bente Hofstra - Secretary
Joep Claus - Treasurer
Kees Wesselink - PR functionary
Jorick Hiemstra - Vice-Chairman
Marc van der Vlag - General member
Maartje van Brugghen - General member
Bhaarti Bodha- General member
Elròn Geertjes - General member
Inge Visscher - General member
Famke Eggink - General member
Koen van Os - General member
Kasper de Mooij - General member
Frigg Speelman - General member
Myrthe Klaver - General member
Charles Mol - General member
Miranka van Breugel - General member