Hey you there,

Yes you.

We are De Wabber. We are the entertainment committee.

De Wabber stands for Work Avoiding Behaviour Beyond Every Reason. (Trust me this abbreviation works better in Dutch)

Don't let the acronym fool ye! We work ouselves out of the seam for activities like a pubquiz (suitequiz), a borrol every week, and an amazeballs barbecue activity at the end of the year! (Oxford comma for the win!)

If you want to stay on the altitude about our activities, then please become friends with our facebook page (Wabber Idun) or hold the Idun group in the holes.

Okay bye bye for now. Until we meet again, next Thursday at 17:00 in the suite probably. ;-)

Members of De Wabber:

Emma Arussi                     PR-functionary
Jasmijn Beekman              Secretary
Famke Eggink                   General member
Jorick Hiemstra                  General member
Bente Hofstra                    General member
Lieke van Iersel                 Head Acquisition
Myrthe Klaver                    Chairman
Jildau Kuiper                      General member
Auke van der Meij              Vice-chairman
Charles Mol                        General member
Kasper de Mooij                 General member
Toon Scheurink                  Treasurer
Levi Schilder                      General member
Frigg Speelman                  General member
Lauren Vorstenbosch         General member
​Kees Wesselink                 General member