Information for companies

Are you, as a company, interested in students of Biology and Life Science and Technology?

We are willing to connect you with them! Our committee focuses on the business part of science. We help students to expand their network outside the university and to get them in touch with the business life. Giving the students a better overview of the possibilities after their graduation is our main goal. For more information, send an email to


Information for students

Would you like to get involved in the business part of science and expand your network outside the university? Seize the oppurtinity and apply for the Business Affairs!
Our team provides the board and the whole association with professional support when it comes to company contacts and acquisition. You get to learn how to approach companies and also what different kind of opportunities lie in maintaining external collaborations. Besides that you’re a valuable factor in determining the association’s strategy concerning all external affairs.

Interested? Mail to

Leden van de Business Affairs:
Jelleke de Jonge - Chairman
Manouk Beuving - Secretary
Matthijs Schuiling - General member
Rosaline de Vetten - General member
Laurens Hogenbirk - General member
Jurrian de Boer - General member
Ivor van der Laan - General member
Jurre Roeleveld - General member
Anne-Marije Bakker - General member
Anoek Rijskamp - General member
Daniël Deep Singh - General member