The Alumni committee is there for alumni, graduates.It has been some time when you’ve finished your bachelor/master in ‘Biology’ or ‘Life Science & Technology (LS&T)’. More years have passed since the study associations of Biology ‘GBC’ and LS&T ‘Melior Vita’ where fused together to the current study association GLV Idun. We are for all of the students which where ones part of one of the three study associations. For same it may sound strange, but eventually you have to finish collage and become an alumnus. You become one when you finish your study and your membership will become only ten euro’s. With this drop in contribution you still can join all activities from GLV Idun and you still receive the magazine ‘LifeLine’. An almanac is also still a possibility. This is a good way to stay in contact with your old study in Groningen, with its study association. The most important mission of the alumni committee is to keep these contacts with old-students and representatives of GBC, Melior Vita and GLV Idun. To do this we organize some massive activities especially for alumni: The BioBorrul and a Sailweekend. Watch out for these!

Ofcourse we also are very fun to hang out with do YOU want to join? It is even possible when you’re not graduated yet. Mail to

Leden Alumnicommissie:

Warner Hoornenborg - Chairman
Wouter Lollinga - Secretary
Laura Verweij – Treasurer
Hiske van Duinen - Representative GBC/ Vice-chair
Anna Wolters - Representative board GLV Idun
Martijn Scharrenburg – Member
Skander Mulder - Member
Daan van de Geer - Member
Marc van der Vlag - Member
​Robert Klerks - Member
Niels Alberts - Member
​Els van der Goot - Member