Workshop: what to know before you start your career

Dear Idunnaren,

We all want an exciting career after our studies, but how do we get there? How do you go from the safe havens of Idun, to the big scary world of LinkedIn, internships and job interviews? How do you make sure that you are the one standing out? How do you make sure the interviewers choose you? How do you make sure you are the one to land the job/internship of your dreams in the end?

Opposed to common beliefs, those questions are not just relevant the year before graduating but they are relevant during your entire studies. There are a lot of things you can do and competences you can acquire during the beginning of your studies, that will make the difference between starting good and starting bad after your studies.

But fear not, we will not leave you to wonder about these questions and competences on your own! The Caco has organized the free workshop “What to know before you start your career?” to help you with all of this!

In this interactive workshop the career advisor Daniël Verrijk will tell you all about how you can make sure to make a good start in the career market and how to make sure you are the applicant the interviewers will remember. Daniël has worked in multiple HR and management positions for various companies before and while he worked as a career advisor. That’s why he speaks the (financial) language of the management team, has a great organizational awareness and knows exactly what various companies are looking for. Daniël will bring an objective, honest and realistic image.

So do you want to make sure you get a good start careerwise and land the job/internship of your dreams or are you just curious to how you can improve yourself? Then sign up! This workshop is useful for first-year’s students to last-year's masterstudents. The workshop will be taking place the 20th of March in Groningen in room 1312.0012 in the Harmoniebuilding from 19:30 till 20:30 (walk in starts at 19:00). The sign-up opens on the website on the 4th of March in the evening. We hope to see you there!


The CaCo




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