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Bestuur 2017-2018
Date and time
Jan 16, 2018 10:45 - 20:00
Studio 24, Mediapark Hilversum

'Weet Ik Veel' Recordings

DEAR STUDENTS, ARE YOU READY TO WIN A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY? The TV program 'Weet Ik Veel' has returned for yet another year and once again: GLV Idun is invited to participate in this knowledge quiz. You will answer 50 questions in total, divided into 5 separate categories. Under the guidance of Linda De Mol, the general knowledge of the Netherlands will be tested. Three well-known Dutch people will compete against each other as well as hundreds of students from all around the Netherlands.

Do you think you can win the prize money? Then sign up from now on and join us in the recordings of an episode of Weet Ik Veel!



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