Play: Lord of the Flies (16-05-2018)

Do you hear that buzz? It's almost time for the new Idiomotor play "LORD OF THE FLIES"! On May 16, 17 and 18 a group of enthusiastic Idunaren will put on this exciting play from William Golding and Nigel Williams, directed by Dio van Velden! This year's ticket price will be €8,50 for members and €10,50 for non-members. Just like previous years, the play will take place in the beautiful Der Aa-theater!

"A group of students is stranded on a deserted island. Rescue doesn't come: the perfect opportunity to start their own little society. Without bossing around, without conflict, fighting and war. Without discrimination, without exclusion or deportation. Without crime, without theft and certainly without murder. Far away from that big corrupted world. An opportunity that everyone would take with both hands, to turn it into a big success of course. Years later, they see one another again..."

Ticket sale starts TOMORROW! For questions concerning the ticket sale or other play related uncertainties, you can e-mail us:

Keep in mind that the play was sold out last year, so don't wait too long with buying your tickets!

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