Lunch Lecture

The Caco organized yet another amazing lunch lecture! As always this will include a speaker telling you all the ins and outs about his job and career path and ofcourse the beloved free lunch!

This time the speaker will be Christophe Brochard. He is one of the founders of the agency ‘Bureau Biota’ which has a broad ecological basis, enabling projects from plankton to larger mammals and plants to be carried out.

Biota is an advice, research and education agency. They focus on research that can support the practical side of nature management, for example how specific management in certain ecosystems can affect biodiversity or the survival of different species. Through the educational side of their company, they want to make nature information more accessible to young and old, and thereby make people enthusiastic about their green environment. They also assist students with internships and research projects for further education.

The lunch lecture will be in English and there is no need to sign up, feel free to just walk in! Just remember: first come, first serve.
We hope to see you on the 18th of february at 12:00 in LB 5173.0151!