Dear members of Idun,

The end of the year is almost there and the days become colder and colder. To make the end of the year a good one, we will organize the last Idunacht of the year on the 14th of December. But to create a sparkling and memorable night WE NEED YOU!

So get your bike, put on your coat, scarf and gloves to overcome the cold and come on the 14th of December to the Pakhouse to enjoy the night with us!
Are you joining the S.L.A.K. with Iceskating this evening? No problem, you can skate from Kardinge to the Pakhouse right away!
It is an Idunacht without theme, so feel free to put on your most comfortable, weirdest or nicest clothes (everything is accepted, as long as it are clothes).

As usual the Idunacht starts at 11 o’ clock p.m. And remember, the Piekhour is from 23:00 till 00:00 so the earlier you are there, the cheaper your night will be!

See you in two weeks!