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FC Partysquad 2018-2019
Nov 14, 2018, 10:30:00 PM
Nov 15, 2018, 3:30:00 AM
Huize Maas

Gala 2018

Beloved members of GLV Idun!

The FCP is proud to announce that one of our most anticipated activities of the year will be taking place soon, the gala!

We of the FCP never plan just any ordinary gala, no no. We always spice things up by having a themed gala, with this years theme being
*insert drumroll*………………………………

‘Birmingham Ball: by order of the Peaky fookin’ Blinders’

So dress yourselves in your nicest Jazz suit, vest, overcoat, dress, necklaces etc, and join us for a night you will never forget!
The Gala will be held at Huize Maas from 22:30 till 03:30. Entertainment will be provided by the band ‘Plunck’, DJ Christian Lukes and a professional photographer.
All of these people combined will make sure it’ll become a gala to remember!

The tickets will be €21,- for members of GLV Idun and €25,- for introducees.
This gives you unlimited drinks the whole night from 22:30 till 03:30!
These drinks include soda, beer, wine and Dutch distilled liquor.
So the earlier you are there, the more you can get out of this!

Ticket Sale
The enrolling starts on the 31 st of October . You can find us in CVL (canteen of Linneausborg) and ADL (canteen of UMCG) from 11:45 till 13:30 on the following days: The 31 st of October and the 5 th and 6 th of November (we can only be found in the Linneausborg on the 6 th ). If you are not able to come on one of these days, that’s not a problem. You can go to the board room on another day to enroll as well.
Remember that you can only enroll a maximum of 6 people including 2 introducees!

Looking for a discount on your costume?
There will be discount on suits at Gents (Zwanestraat 18). There you will get a 10% discount on everything, a special offer for people who buy a white tie
(rokkostuum) with patent leather shoes (lakschoenen) and you will get a €12,50 discount on the white tie! Last but not least the shoes will €35 if you buy the shoes together with the white tie! So why wait? Just remember to bring your student card and mention that you are a member of GLV Idun (by logging in on the Idun website).

Lots of love,
Feestcommissie Partysquad (FCP)


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