Craft Beer Drink

Oh hi there,


You didn't think you'd see De Wabber posting very soon again, didn't you? Well that's where you're wrong kiddo! 


We keep churning out those activities as if there's no tomorrow! SO what will this thing be?

It's a Craft Beer Borrel! so just your regular borrel, but with special beers for regular prices! How do they do that? By losing money big time!  We don't even care, as there's no tomorrow (right?)


As an extra bonus, we'll showcase our freshly 'harvested' new recruits, so if you want to know every gory detail about their lives, you can ask it at the craft beer borrel!

But your first and foremost reason should be your love for new and exciting beers of course 


We'll expect you on the 25th of October around 17:00 in the suite!



De Wabber