Career Market Biomedical Sciences

Interested in a career in the Biomedical Sciences niche? Not sure whether you want to focus on the academic or business aspect of this field? Looking for an internship or job opportunities? Visit the Career Market on the 12th of October! 

In cooperation with the master course Introduction to Biomedical Sciences we have gathered thirteen interesting companies and organizations to present themselves to you! The market takes place in the Atrium of the Energy Academy and starts at 13:00. During the market, you can walk by the stands of participants and chat with employees about their experiences and opportunities they can offer you. At 16:00, an informal drink will follow that takes place in the canteen of the Bernouilliborg. This market is interesting for bachelor students as well, you can never start too late with orienting your career path! 

Sign-up is not necessary. As Idun member, you are free to visit the market at any time. See you there!