The pre-congress of the BBD is centered around start-ups. Therefore we invited Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Competition Winner: Hardt Hyperloop and a disruptive player within the pharmaceutical industry myTomorrows. The precongress takes place at the 14th of February in Nijenborgh 4, Lecture hall 5111.0022, between 15.00 and 17.00.

Afterwards there will be FREE drinks for the people present, And A 50 euro giftcard for SuitSupply and 3 other gift cards of a value of 50 euro can be won in a lottery for the people who sign up and come to the pre-congress!

Hardt Hyperloop is fully dedicated to the development of a new transportation system that is faster than airplanes and has zero emissions of greenhouse gases during operations: the hyperloop.
In the first part of the pre-congress Marleen from Hardt Hyperloop will give a presentation. Marleen is Chief External Affairs at Hardt Hyperloop. In her presentation she will talk about the main idea and plan behind Hardt Hyperloop. Furthermore, she will talk about what important aspects and stumbling blocks are when setting up a start-up. At last, we will do a short Q&A session for all your questions about the concept of the Hyperloop and setting up a startup.
myTomorrows strives to make it easier for physicians and their patients with unmet medical needs to find, get information about, and access pre-approval medicines whenever possible.
In the second part of the pre-congress Karlijn from myTomorrows will give her presentation. Karlijn has a PhD in neurobiology and works nowadays as a project manager at myTomorrows. In the first part of her presentation she will give an introduction to the industry where myTomorrows is operating in. Some interesting things are happening within the pharmaceutical industry, she will tell us what these things are and how myTomorrows plays a role in there. Furthermore, she will discuss what it’s like to work at a startup. What kinds of people they are searching for and why it is interesting to work at a startup. At the end there will be a small Q&A session to discuss both the mission of myTomorrows, and what’s like to there.

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