IduNight: 80s Disco

Beloved members of GLV Idun!

Once again we're glad to inform you we'll host another party, and it's a special one this time: the 80s Disco Idunight!

You'll be able to show your weirdest haircuts and most extravagant outfits, all while dancing to the most popular disco classics from arguably one the best musical eras since the invention of music.

As always, the Idunight will be held in Het Pakhuis at the Peperstraat 8 right in the center of Groningen.

The party starts at 23:00. Make sure you get there on time since the Piekuur is from 23:00 to 00:00, meaning beer will only cost €1 the entire hour!

You can bring a maximum of two non-members who have to pay €3 to get in. Please be aware that this can only be paid for by card.

We're looking forward to seeing you all there on the 21st of March!

Lots of love,