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Idiomotor 2018-2019
Date and time
Oct 24, 2018 19:30 - 23:00
Het Viadukt, Euvelgunnerweg 17, Groningen

Jam Session

Hey guys, listen up!


It's almost time for the annual open JAM SESSION!

The jam session is the moment to release all the musical creativity you have clogged inside of you. It is not required to have any experience at all with any instrument; in fact, most people present are very keen on learning you the way around most of the available instruments. It is not an activity prompted on playing only covers, but there is also a lot of room for improvisation in the varying styles of rock, blues, jazz and whatnot.


The costs will be only €1,50 and we of Idiomotor will take care of the basic needs e.g. a drum kit and some guitars. But please feel free to grab your own instruments and bring them along, the more the messier! We will start around 19:30h, but you can walk in any time you want! It's at the Viadukt (Euvelgunnerweg 17).


ATTENTION: There won't be any DRUM STICKS, EARBUDS or CABLES present so you have to bring them yourself!


The jam session is not only for the musicians, it is also a night with great ambiance, and enough people come just for the music, for a little singalong, sitting down and relaxing with a beer or even some come to dance, everything is allowed.


Sign up at and we'll see you there!





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