Hitchhiking Weekend

The year has only just started, but our first activity is already approaching fast: the hitchhiking weekend! On saturday September 29, you will try to hitchhike your way to Lille (France) in couples. Attention: the couples MUST consist of a man and a woman, no man/man or woman/woman couples are allowed. This is for your own safety <3 The couple who is the first to arrive at our destination, will win a FAbulous prize!

We will stay the night in Lille (after exploring Lille's nightlife) and on Sunday, we go back by bus and train to our lovely Groningen.

The weekend will cost approximately 39 euros, with breakfast and returning transport included.

Do you want to take the challenge and have a great weekend together with us and your fellow Idunaren? Sign up September 10 (19:00) until September 14 (19:00). After September 14, it will not be possible to sign out, since we will book tickets for your return journey.

PS! Only one person of the couple should sign up and mention the name of his/her partner!

We hope many of you are excited to come along!

Much love and hugs,

The FA


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