Dear members of GLV Idun,

As you already have written down in your agendas, the next Idunacht is waiting to escalate on thursday the 24th of May.
To make sure you guys impress eachother more than usual, we have prepared one of the most amazing themes you have ever heard of: COWBOYS V. INDIANS. So dress up like Lucky Luke, and travel to the Pakhouse accompanied by your 'stalen ros' Jolly Jumper. Or come dressed up like Little Hiawatha, Silversnake or one of the other members of the 'Roundbellies'.

As usual a Piekhour will be held from 23.00 till 0.00, where you can get your beer'tjes for less money, to make sure you can buy yourself an awesome outfit.

Please keep in mind that, although the cowboys and indians are in a constant war, you are not allowed to make war inside the Pakhouse (also outside the Pakhouse we encourage you to only make love, not war).

Cuddles and kisses,

your favorite party committee (FCP)