Become a member of GLV Idun

To become a member of GLV Idun, you will have to fill in an application form. This means you cannot sign up digitally for the study association. If you want to sign up, please fill in the application form and send it to:

GLV Idun
Nijenborg 7
9747 AG Groningen

Click here to download the application form in Dutch.
Click here to download the application form in English.
Click here to download the application form for alumni.

For questions about your memership, please send an e-mail to or contact the secretary of the board. It is also possible to visit us between 10:00 and 13:00 at one of our locations (see contact).

Ending your membership

The membership can be ended by sending an e-mail to A membership at GLV Idun can only be ended per academic year, so to end your membership for the next academic year, you need to send us an e-mail before September 1st. When you don't send and e-mail to end your membership or when you send your e-mail too late, you have to pay one more year of membership fee.

Stopping with your bachelor/master does NOT automatically mean that your membership ends. Everyone that has ever signed a autohorization form of GBC, Melior Vita or GLV Idun, will remain a member of the study association until he/she has ended his/her membership by sending an e-mail.

The regular membership will automatically be changed into an alumni-membership when you graduate. As an alumnus, you only pay €10 membership fee per year, but remain welcome at all of the activities. You will still recieve the Lifeline as well.

Changes in your membership or personal information

Will you continue your studies at another university after completing your bachelor, but do you wish to continue being involved with the association? Send an e-mail to to become an alumnus member of our association.

You can also send an e-mail to if your address or other important information changes. This way, our members administration will remain up to date and you will keep receiving the Lifeline and newsletter.