World clean up day

World clean up day

Dear beautiful people of Idun,

Ecolution is happy to announce our first activity of this academic year! Do you want to make the world a little bit cleaner and help your environment by picking up trash? This activity is all about picking up trash with lovely people, helping the world by being a part of a worldwide activity and having an amazing time.

It will be happening on the world clean up day. We will meet near Zondag and go along a route collecting trash and enjoying the experience. At the end of the route we will have a little picnic with vegan snacks and stuff. For this please bring your own glass and plate. 

Anyways, so now that this activity is a fact, you have no excuse to stay at home on the 19th of September (unless you have symptoms of a cold, then please do stay home), so go ahead and subscribe via!

With green love Ecolution


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